Why we can help locate extraordinary people for you
S & S Consulting, Inc. specializes exclusively in the recruitment of Executive
and Management level leaders within the nursing profession.

Our 23 years of experience grants invaluable insight into understanding your
needs and your goals.
Our experience allows us to best identify peak
performers who will flourish in your specific environment

Ultimately, our search is for more than individual talent.
Our search is for synergy.
A pairing of talents, visions and cultures in which the final product is greater than
the sum of it’s parts.  

S & S Consulting’s success is measured by our long term relationships that we
have earned one placement at a time. We are privileged to work with some of the
most prestigious healthcare companies throughout the nation.

The next time you’re looking for an extraordinary person to fill a position,
S & S Consulting, Inc.
         402-613-7899                    or                 402-405-6462
vivian@snsconsulting.org          kurt@snsconsulting.org  
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and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence   
 Martin Luther King, Jr.